Try the biscuits and gravy casserole at home and forget other usual dishes

Food is the vital source for all living beings but humans love food a lot than other creatures they try to make different dishes which are unusual and tasty. We all are expert in cooking when we left alone in kitchen we will try something different and end up in different dish. Cooking is considered as an art not everyone can give great tasting dishes to others only those who have the basic knowledge of cooking can make good recipes for everyone. We all love eating food outside and we try different cuisines whenever we visit the restaurant, humans we change their food habit every time they do not like to eat the same food everyday instead they try different delicacies which satisfies their taste buds. Food we eat should be a balanced one it should contain all the necessary nutrients in equal proportions so that it provides better health to our body.  good food are the one which is made from the hygienic conditions in home by using natural ingredients and that type of food is called good and organic food. Today people are started using the artificial substances in the food materials and this had destroyed the quality and taste of the food. The artificial flavours, colours and taste enhancers will just increase the taste and it never have any health benefits in it. But the food which is made with complete natural ingredients will have natural taste and provide perfect nutrients needed for our body. We should eat anything what we others offer us we should choose the food which suitable for our body type and health conditions by doing so we can avoid many diseases and lead a healthy life. Nowadays people started trying different recipes in their home in those dishes the biscuits and gravy casserole is considered one among the best food to eat.

Which food is good for our health?

There are plenty of dishes available in the restaurants and fast food joint but all those food will not provide the health benefits for us. Only the food which is boiled well and rich in natural vegetables or meat in right quantity are good for our body and best for our health. Nowadays people love eating fast foods but they never know the dangers of eating such food, all fast foods contain high amount of trans fat and sodium in it which are linked to obesity, heart attack and blood pressure so avoiding such food will give us proper health and shape we want.

How to prepare biscuits and gravy casserole?

To prepare it in home we need egg, olive oil, sausage and biscuits first break the assorted bisects in the bowl and then add two eggs in it and beat the content for about ten minutes and then pour olive oil into the content and mix it thoroughly for about a minute and then add the sausage and spread it on the mixture and place on the oven for about an hour. Later when the content is roasted completed take it out from the oven and place it in serving bowl and give it your child thus, how we should prepare biscuits and gravy casserole  easily in home.



How to make biscuits and gravy casserole 

Many people like to have breakfast with buttermilk biscuits. Many kid love to have a biscuits that is very tasty and in holiday time mother like to cook different dishes to their kids that is loved by the kids. Baking of the biscuits in the gravy is an unforgettable when my mother cook for me biscuits and gravy casserole kids love to have a kind of new different dishes in the time of breakfast that makes the day more colourful and lovable from the morning. This kind of process increases the love and care between the mother and kids. The children always like to have new thing in the dining table.

Biscuits in the gravy  

The gravy make the dishes more effective and tasty with the biscuits for the cooking when the bottom layer of the biscuits is cooked inside the gravy that make the dishes more tasty and healthy in the process of the preparing the this particular dishes milk, and butter play a little the flavour and the colouring on cooking this item takes a important places in the taste.


You can see the biscuits that is floating in the layer of the gravy that is very important in the making the flavour to the biscuits. The biscuits are important in our daily life this kind of simple and healthy food is important one in our life.

Simple and healthy

It is very simple to make the biscuits that mean baking of biscuits is very simple in the same time adding more advantage in the flavour is important part the taste of the biscuits. The biscuits and gravy casserole declare the new taste in the dining and many people love to such a new different food that already plays an important role in the daily life. In everyone life childhood days without the biscuits is not possible like that making a new type of biscuits in the different flavour is a value added advantage in the latest trend. The process of baking the biscuit is very simple in the home itself. Every mother loves to cook for their children that are loved by the kids always. Biscuits contain highly milk products and the proteins such as nuts added in it. Preparing this kind of eatable we can easily help our kid to have a healthy food in their daily life style.

Biscuits in Modern trend

In this modern world in all the countries biscuits always takes important places.


Everyone love to have biscuits and gravy casserole because of the flavour of the biscuits that is very important in the recent days many company involves in the production of the biscuits in the high level that is used as a snacks for the kids from school level to the teenager of senior school used to have a biscuits in their daily life that is very important. Many companies take place in importing and exporting the biscuits to many other countries that resulted in the high economical growth to the country and the company.


Making of recipes with the biscuits

Biscuits are liked by almost by all the age group. Biscuits are taken in the tea time where we can take a break with a tea. There are many varieties of biscuits are available in the market which will be very delicious and some will be attractable too. Kids like varieties of biscuit, most of the kids like cream biscuits where the cream is sandwiched between two biscuits. Recipes that are made up of biscuits will give us different taste and most of them will love to eat such recipes. The biscuits and gravy casserole is one such item which is attracted by almost all the age group. Most of will be eagerly eating this recipe. The main ingredient which is used in the recipe is the biscuit which will be easily digestible. Most of us will eat biscuits so this is the dish which can be easily done at home and which is also delicious in eating this item.

The preparation of this recipe is easy and we can also make in home. All we need is the ground pork sausage, canola oil, butter, all purpose floor, and milk, a pinch of salt, pepper, cooking spray, biscuits, green onions, and cheddar cheese.  Preheat the oven for 350 c and cook the sausage in the canola oil until it becomes pink, melt the butter in the vessel, add the all purpose floor and whisk it with the melted butter, add the salt, pepper and milk. Now cook it for 2 minutes, add the sausage which is cooked already. Now grease the vessel to bake with the help of melted butter, greasing is done and half a portion of the mixture is poured into the vessel and place the biscuits in it, after placing the biscuits add the remaining part of the mixture and sprinkle the green onions in it. At last add the cheddar cheese into it and bake it for 3 minutes you will have a tasty biscuits and gravy casserole. Serve it hot which will be better.


This is the simple snack and it is healthy too. we are using the milk and milk products in it to make it richer this will be whole snack for the children, kids will love to eat this because we have added the cheese in it and it will be filling we do not need to eat anymore after eating this. Since the taste is good people in all the age group will love to eat this. This also considered as the rich snack in which milk, cheese and biscuits are added. Pepper is added for the taste. You can also add more pepper to make it yummy. The carbohydrate content is more in this recipe and the person who are in diet also take this in little measure. This snack is not a restricted one, everyone can eat this snack. For those who\se who like cheese they can add cheese content of they want. This dish can also be altered as a sweet by adding the sugar. Based on the taste of the person this dish can be done.


Biscuits and gravy casserole recipe

The sweet delight to your tongue and mouth makes you awesome and happy. There are many moth watering desert items that makes you to eat it even if you don’t feel hungry. They are famous in restaurant and always have special places in the cooking menu. They are little children’s favourite dishes and make them happy. They help the moms’ efforts when they want their child to have their meals fully but they won’t have them it. They get bore with the things in the meals. They want something crunchy and tasty with amazing flavours. The easy desert item biscuits and gravy casserole is a kind of their favourite dessert item and they love it as they have all their desire tasty aspects.

This dessert item give all the essential nutrition’s to make them grow well and increase mental ability skills. Since it is a easy doing dessert dish so any one can do it and the busy moms who wants to give a healthy and tasty dishes to their child then this is best option to choose. This requires less time and makes your cooking time effectively and you can serve them without adding any extra things. This desert item needs the ingredients of buttermilk biscuits, set of eggs, gravy powder mix, milk, cheese, salt and pepper for taste. The preparation starts with preheating the oven around 350 degrees and use 13*9 size pan and places the biscuits in the bottom of pan. Before that you can add spray on the pan for making the biscuits firm in its place.


Then fry the sausage powder to drain and apply it over the biscuits and add cheese over it as a cover layer coating. Then add milk and eggs and get it in a thick consistent form. Then add salt and pepper for taste. Then do the gravy process according to the gravy mix states in the pack and add them finally on the biscuits form and bake them. You can cook them around 30 to 40 minutes and it will read to serve. Then cut them into pieces and serve them hot with any fruit juices. This delicious desert dish is very easy to do and all you need to do for its best taste is to wait until the biscuits gravy gets full baking process.


This adds value to the dish’s taste and flavour. It is perfect dish for your breakfast menu and it uses your cooking time nicely with only needing little more baking time. During that time you can do your other work and save your time and effort. You can do this recipe with replacing the buttermilk biscuits to wheat or fibre based biscuits as it is highly nutritious and easily digests and gives you a solid breakfast dish. It takes care of your body and mind fresh and light. You can use any other milk products in it and that also adds taste to this biscuits and gravy casserole dish. This is perfect dish for everyone and makes your day healthy and tasty.