Try the biscuits and gravy casserole at home and forget other usual dishes

Food is the vital source for all living beings but humans love food a lot than other creatures they try to make different dishes which are unusual and tasty. We all are expert in cooking when we left alone in kitchen we will try something different and end up in different dish. Cooking is considered as an art not everyone can give great tasting dishes to others only those who have the basic knowledge of cooking can make good recipes for everyone. We all love eating food outside and we try different cuisines whenever we visit the restaurant, humans we change their food habit every time they do not like to eat the same food everyday instead they try different delicacies which satisfies their taste buds. Food we eat should be a balanced one it should contain all the necessary nutrients in equal proportions so that it provides better health to our body.  good food are the one which is made from the hygienic conditions in home by using natural ingredients and that type of food is called good and organic food. Today people are started using the artificial substances in the food materials and this had destroyed the quality and taste of the food. The artificial flavours, colours and taste enhancers will just increase the taste and it never have any health benefits in it. But the food which is made with complete natural ingredients will have natural taste and provide perfect nutrients needed for our body. We should eat anything what we others offer us we should choose the food which suitable for our body type and health conditions by doing so we can avoid many diseases and lead a healthy life. Nowadays people started trying different recipes in their home in those dishes the biscuits and gravy casserole is considered one among the best food to eat.

Which food is good for our health?

There are plenty of dishes available in the restaurants and fast food joint but all those food will not provide the health benefits for us. Only the food which is boiled well and rich in natural vegetables or meat in right quantity are good for our body and best for our health. Nowadays people love eating fast foods but they never know the dangers of eating such food, all fast foods contain high amount of trans fat and sodium in it which are linked to obesity, heart attack and blood pressure so avoiding such food will give us proper health and shape we want.

How to prepare biscuits and gravy casserole?

To prepare it in home we need egg, olive oil, sausage and biscuits first break the assorted bisects in the bowl and then add two eggs in it and beat the content for about ten minutes and then pour olive oil into the content and mix it thoroughly for about a minute and then add the sausage and spread it on the mixture and place on the oven for about an hour. Later when the content is roasted completed take it out from the oven and place it in serving bowl and give it your child thus, how we should prepare biscuits and gravy casserole  easily in home.



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